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Dan Gattis: A Legacy of Service to Texas and the Beef Industry

Dan Gattis - Texas Beef Industry Legacy

In the heart of Texas, where history and tradition intertwine, one man stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of service. Meet Dan Gattis, a sixth-generation Texan, cattle rancher, trial lawyer, and board chairman of the Texas Beef Council. His story is one of heritage, passion, and a deep-rooted commitment to serving others. With […]

A Sixth-Generation Cattle Rancher Preserving Texas Grasslands

Sixth-Generation Cattle Rancher Preserving Texas Grasslands

The full story originally published April 4, 2023 on Austin Monthly by Saba Rahimian. In the outskirts of Georgetown, Texas, lies the Edwards Plateau, an expansive prairie that was once home to 470 native grasses and thriving buffalo herds. Dan Gattis, a sixth-generation cattle rancher and eminent attorney at Gattis Law Firm, is dedicated to preserving […]