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Dan Gattis – Trial Lawyer Texas
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Navigating the complex procedures and regulations governing eminent domain and the condemnation process in Texas requires specialized knowledge and insights. Few attorneys understand those legal nuances and the rights of property owners better than Dan Gattis, who is also a private landowner and has personally been through the condemnation process with his own family’s ranch.

He knows the law and appreciates the emotional and personal connections that Texans have to their land. 

He knows the needs, questions and fears that landowners have when faced with a threat to what may be a legacy that spans generations.

He knows the players and the political realities that affect eminent domain across the state.

That’s why so many law firms and attorneys trust Dan to take care of and protect their important client relationships.

“If I was a private landowner, I would hire Dan. His ranching and land experience is an obvious differentiator. Most lawyers that I’m dealing with have no clue about what’s important beyond what their clients tell them.

– Opposing Counsel 
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