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SE Loop Project

Williamson County; Hutto, Texas

If you live in or around Williamson County, Texas, you may have heard or seen work on the Southeast Loop Project. This road construction project, sometimes referred to simply as the SE Loop Project, broke ground on June 30, 2021. The project is divided into three segments, with the first segment alone expected to cost more than $11 million.

Once completed, the SE Loop will span nine miles and provide the City of Hutto with another multilane road leading into the city. The SE Loop Project will run from US Highway 79 at FM 3349 and CR 101 in a southwesterly direction to Hutto. Once completed, the new road will terminate at SH 130 near the Williamson-Travis county line.

The SE Loop Project is expected to take years, if not decades, to complete. As it progresses, private landowners may be approached to sell their land so that the project can continue. Those who do not sell may face claims of eminent domain and condemnation proceedings.

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