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Testimonial 19

“Dan handled my eminent domain case with exceptional skill and professionalism. He ensured that the terms and conditions of the easement were favorable to me as the landowner and negotiated a great value for my affected acreage. In past situations, I’ve gone at it alone and the results here are proof, on several levels, that […]

Testimonial 18

“I’ve really enjoyed working with him. If I needed a lawyer again, I’d give him the first shot. He’s nothing but a pleasure.”

Testimonial 17

“If we sell another property, we’re using him. We’ve been getting calls from attorneys in Houston, but he’s our guy!”

Testimonial 16

“He really listened to our concerns and my problems and was very helpful. Willing to go the extra mile.”

Testimonial 15

“Dan is somebody that truly understands the position of the landowner and can explain to them what’s in store.”

Testimonial 13

“Dan got us a tremendous settlement. We are so extremely pleased.”

Testimonial 12

“Dan fights to get his clients everything he can. He gets his clients more than what they are entitled to.”

Testimonial 11

“They kept in contact every step of the way; you always know where you stand; we were never left wondering.”

Testimonial 10

“I recommend Dan because of his farming and ranching background. He understands the land and equipment.”