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Bahia Pipeline Project 

Reeves County in West Texas to Chambers County, east of Houston

Owners of property situated along the path of the proposed Bahia Pipeline face losing a portion of their land, as energy company Enterprise Products Partners L.P. plans to build a 630-mile pipeline, affecting 24 counties in Texas. 

Set to be complete by 2025, the pipeline is expected to carry 600,000 barrels of gas, oil and other gas products per day. Prior to construction, Enterprise must seize easements on privately held land between the pipeline’s origin point and its destination, which will affect property owners. 

Enterprise will initiate the process by contacting landowners with a letter from Pinnacle Land Group explaining that it will survey the land and make an offer to purchase an easement of private property for the Bahia Pipeline. That is why you should know your rights as a landowner. Gattis Law has an experienced attorney and property owner in Dan Gattis. He can help you with the valuable information you need to protect your property and ensure you receive fair compensation for your land. 

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