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Real estate agents have a fiduciary duty to operate honestly and within the best interest of their client, and when they fail to do so, the Gattis Law Firm may be able to file a lawsuit against them. Whether the broker committed an intentional act to defraud you or whether they simply behaved negligently, the firm is interested in protecting you and holding them accountable. You should seek representation if:

  • You suspect wrongful conduct by a broker or real estate agent
  • There was a breach of a sale agreement or real estate agreement
  • The agent failed to disclose hidden defects in real estate transactions
  • You were not informed of condemnation actions filed by Government or other entities.

Dan Gattis strives to use his extensive knowledge of the real estate industry to serve each client effectively. By understanding the relationships and regulations involved in both commercial and residential real estate dealings, he is able to clearly see when someone has behaved irresponsibly. The firm seeks to not only find financial compensation for you if you were wronged, but to also hold guilty parties accountable for their actions so they do not continue to behave in such a manner.

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