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Dan Gattis: A Recognized Advocate for Private Landowners in Eminent Domain and Condemnation

Dan Gattis has been honored as a Lawdragon 500 Leading Consumer Plaintiff Lawyer for 2023. This distinction highlights Dan Gattis’ exceptional expertise in representing private landowners facing eminent domain and condemnation proceedings.

As a private landowner himself, Gattis brings firsthand understanding and unwavering dedication to his clients’ cases. His inclusion among the Lawdragon 500 showcases his legal acumen and commitment to securing fair and just compensation for affected individuals, families and organizations.

With Gattis by their side, landowners can trust in his tailored guidance, strategic representation, and profound knowledge of eminent domain and condemnation matters. Congratulations to Dan Gattis for this well-deserved recognition, and for being a steadfast advocate for private landowners in their pursuit of justice.

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Speak to the Landowner that’s a Lawyer
No Strings Attached

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