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Dog Attack Lawyer Dan Gattis was awarded a settlement on behalf of its client who was attacked by a police dog while she was on an evening walk along her rural road.

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After attorneys fees and expenses, client received:



When an off-duty police officer opened the front door of his house, his K9 ran out and attacked the woman, grabbing her arm in an attack stance. The woman suffered severe injuries to her arm and was left with significant permanent scarring.


Dog Attack Lawyer Dan Gattis was able to prove that the officer in charge of the off-duty police dog had a history of control problems with the dog and that he was not following protocol with the dog prior to the attack. Additionally, the Gattis Law Firm was able to discover and prove that the dog had been placed back into service in a school environment with minimal training subsequent to the attack. The case was successfully resolved on behalf of the client for more than 10 times the special damages (medical bills) in the case.

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