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The Gattis Law Firm won a medical malpractice verdict in Bell County, Texas on behalf of an elderly woman who fell in her home as a result of the negligence of a home health nurse failing to use fall protection protocols in line with the standard of care and in accordance with the discharge orders of her doctor.

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After attorneys fees and expenses, client received:



Dan Gattis, in cooperation with Jay Harvey of Winckler & Harvey, tried the case to verdict and was able to show and prove to the jury that their client, who was at home recuperating from knee replacement surgery, was seriously and permanently injured. The client was unable to stand on her own and the home health nurse asked her to step on a weight scale in a doorway, holding her hands as support. Upon stepping off of the scale, her left knee buckled under her and the other leg remained straight, causing her to fall backwards. Still holding onto the home health nurse’s hands, the nurse fell on top of the client, pinning her left leg and causing it to break as well as tear a ligament in two places. The client is now permanently confined to a wheelchair.


Catastrophic Injury Attorney Dan Gattis was able to show the liability of the home health nurse and that the future potential medical care needed to appropriately care for his client was in excess of $600,000.00, which was supported by the jury that coincidently had three registered nurses on the panel.

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