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The Gattis Law Firm was able to obtain a substantial settlement for the benefit of five children injured during a T-bone automobile accident when the other driver ran a red light.

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After attorneys fees and expenses, client received:



The five children sustained multiple injuries including a broken femur, head injuries, broken pelvis bone, severe internal injuries, fractured tibia, fractured coccyx, concussions, lumbar spine injury, and abdominal and hip pain.


The Gattis Law Firm was able to ultimately show the liability of the other driver despite initial conflicting testimony as to which driver had the right of way in the intersection where the accident occurred. By working with medical providers and other caregivers, the Gattis Law Firm was able to show the significance of the injuries to the two children most impacted by the accident. The structured settlement received will ultimately provide a significant amount of funds to the children for their college education and in helping them recover from their injuries.

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